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(A CBM Press Release January 3rd, 2012)“Daydreams and Night Visions” by Author Charles Duane Henley

From author Charles Duane Henley comes his first release, “Daydreams and Night Visions” a unique and powerful collection of prophetic poems and parables intertwined with the author’s personal amazing testimony. These Holy Spirit inspired writings will set your heart ablaze for Christ. Poignant and powerful these writings and poems cut to the heart and ignite passion in the soul for the One who is the lover of your soul, Jesus Christ. It is the author’s intent and hope that all come to know the depth and width of the love of God and come to understand, in a deeper, more intimate and personal way what Christ did for mankind on the Cross of Calvary.

Experience the heart felt passion of this author who came from a life of sin, and as the Prodigal Son did, came running back into the arms of his loving Father in Heaven. Leaving a legacy of beautifully written and Holy Spirit inspired prophetic poems, the author’s purpose and intent in penning this book is that anyone who reads this book will be inspired to make a choice for Christ. Knowing that time is short, and today is the day of salvation, the author wants everyone to know the freedom, love and forgiveness found in Jesus Christ and that there is nothing more important in this world than making sure that you don’t spend an eternity without God.

The author candidly shares his life experience as a child once on fire for God, who ran astray as most people do. He found himself years later on a road called despair, which he has eloquently penned a poem of. All of the author’s writings come from the inner heart and are vivid poems of his life, trials, tribulations, hopes and dreams. They display the absolute love and forgiveness found in the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. All glory is given to his Father in Heaven as the author recounts some of his hardest times being imprisoned, bound physically in the flesh, but speaks of the joy and freedom he experiences in his spirit being taught and groomed by the Lord during this period.

Out of his “pit” experience comes a beautiful testimony to the love and grace of God. These poems are poignant, sometimes convicting and simple, yet scriptural and profound truths found in the Word of God. This book is a creative and truly inspiring life story that will open your eyes to the possibilities in Christ despite great adversities. This encouraging, faith filled invaluable book of prophetic poems is sure to ignite a passion in other’s souls for a life with Christ.

For further information visit Author Charles Duane Henley’s web site Daydreams and Night Visions.
Title: WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God
Author: Marsha Lenski
ISBN #: 978-0-9838548-1-4
Review Date: November 21, 2011
Reviewed By: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars

From Author and inspirational speaker, Marsha Lenski, comes an exhilarating and powerful new book release, WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God. Come and discover who you are in Christ by coming to the One who can satisfy. This devotional is an empowering study of God’s Word for the feminine heart, and so much more! Author Marsha Lenski offers a divine invitation through her book that is extended to women all over the world.WWDKG is a call to all women to stand up and be counted to inherit their birthright as daughters of the Most High. Author, Marsha Lenski emphatically states, “There’s a place in every woman’s life where she deserves a standing ovation.” By passionately taking hold of God’s promises through the scriptures, the Author encourages readers to look forward to their future by looking towards their Father in Heaven, who only wants the best for them. As the Author states, we are “Daddy’s Girls” and accordingly, “We are entitled to only the best.” This devotional is for any woman or group searching to know God more intimately and to find true purpose in life as a daughter of the King.

As a woman in the Kingdom of God, you have an invitation to come and “touch the hem of Jesus’ garment” and walk into Kingdom destiny. “You’ll never be the same again or want to settle for anything less.” Come discover that you have a place, a hope and a bright future with One who offers destiny to you in His Kingdom. Author Marsha Lenski invites you on a powerful, faith-filled, divine journey to encounter the Lord of lords and the King of kings.

Take time out from the mundane to discover the extraordinary, a love that is your birthright and a place where there is security, love and everything a woman has been looking for. A divine relationship and encounter awaits you, this is what you’ve been searching for all your life; nothing else can replace the love and security that awaits you in Christ. This book will encourage you to lay down all your burdens, failures, shortcomings and come to the One who truly loves you like no other. He has the power to save and give you true freedom like you have never envisioned.

Delight in the pages, as Author Marsha Lenski, with her 25 years of experience in ministry, takes the reader on a faith-filled journey that absolutely, undeniably encourages the reader to “Believe” in Him and His Promises. This book will open your heart to the joyful and triumphant expectation of uncovering a destiny that you have been born for and to answer the call in a time such as this in the Kingdom of God.

Prepare to soar above the heights, as the author encourages, prepares and lifts up the readers to discover that they are a “gift to their world.” This is a divine invitation from the One who created you. Come close and discover how loved you are. No one can offer a love so unconditionally like this…all others are counterfeit, compared to the riches of His Kingdom. Come discover who you are Women of God and step into the path of destiny created for you and only you, as unique as you are!

Marsha Lenski has captured the true desires of a woman and leads the reader on an enlightening, and nothing short of breathtaking read. You’ll know you have had a divine invitation from the heart of the Father to yours and that an encounter awaits you. This is a must-read book for all women in the Kingdom of God. We just can’t do without it. Wisdom from heaven is first of all pure and this book offers, “Pure Faith.” Thank you Marsha Lenski!

Don’t miss this divine message from the Lord delivered to you humbly by God’s servant, Marsha Lenski. I thank God for this woman of faith!

WWDKG, Woman With Destiny in the Kingdom of God by Author Marsha Lenski

Highly Recommended
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Review by: Christian Book Reviews

Title: Who’s On Board
Author: Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr.
ISBN #978-0-557-44627-8
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews
10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars“Who’s on Board?” by Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr. is an inspiring and scripturally based bible study. The author discusses twelve checkpoints that help the reader to understand what it is to be a “born-again” believer. Filled with scripture application, Author Dr. Joseph Hysekll Jr., has carefully laid down a solid foundation built upon the Holy Scriptures. The twelve checkpoints then can be discussed in a small group setting or read individually. The author indicates that many profess to be a Christian, but their life does not demonstrate a life lead by the “indwelling” of the Holy Spirit. This book will identify the “born-again” believer and demonstrates the difference between knowing about God, and really knowing Christ in the power of His resurrection.

An exciting and short read, this book is an excellent ministering tool that can be used to bring others into the Kingdom of God. This study, as suggested by the author, is recommended for groups not bigger than ten to keep the teachings on a very personal level. Written with much wisdom from scripture and from a man that has over 52 years in ministry as a Pastor, teacher and missionary, Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr.s’ teaching has captured the essence of what it means to be “born-again.”

Section II of the book includes uplifting and inspirational poetry by the author written all to glorify the love and power of God. This encouraging selection of poetry will be sure to touch your heart, just as the Psalms identify with the condition of one’s heart and emotions. A true writer at heart, Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr. captures the wisdom and love of the scripture through sharing his brilliantly poignant poetry. This section is a testament to the love and truth of the scriptures and is a true gem, one that shall be treasured by readers inspired by poetry.

The ideals set forth by Author Joseph Hyskell Jr. have been tested and tried by the author and proven to be overwhelmingly victorious. Become a true believer and inspire others to have their lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This book, with much prayer as the author notes, will help you do just that.

Who’s On Board by Author: Dr. Joseph Hyskell Jr.

10.0 stars on a scale of 10.0 stars
Reviewed by: Christian Book Reviews

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